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May this festival of colors bring:
smile to your lips..
a twinkle in your eyes..
and a cheer in your voice..
Wishing you a Happy & Joyous Holi!

Length: 143 Chrs

My day may be hectic..
My schedule may be tight..
But I would never let the day end
without saying Good Night to you..
Good Night! Sweet Dreams..

Length: 145 Chrs

Freedom in Mind..
Faith in Words..
Pride in our Heart..
Memories in our Soul..
Lets Salute the Nation.
Happy Republic Day!

Length: 122 Chrs

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If what U see by the
eye doesn't please U,
then close UR eyes and
see from the heart.
'Coz the heart can
see beauty and love
more than the eyes can
ever wonder.

Length: 160 Chrs

A year has passed, how time has flown
We can't believe how she's grown!
She's really cute and so much fun.
Our baby girl is turning ONE!

Length: 156 Chrs

Let the
Peace of Nature
Flow in your Life..
Today and Always.
Wish you a Very Happy World Environment Day!

Length: 107 Chrs

One day Elephant and Ant went for swimming in a nearby pool.
But they didn't swim together.. Why?
Ans: Because they have only one swim suite.

Length: 142 Chrs

Eyes in pair..
Ears in pair..
Hands in pair..
Legs in pair..
but Heart ??
Why is it single.?
Just to find its pair..
Happy Valentines Day!

Length: 154 Chrs

Good Friends Care For Each Other..
Close Friends Understand Each Other..
And True Friends Stay Forever
Beyond Words..
Beyond Time..
Happy Friendship Day!

Length: 157 Chrs

Our little lady
is turning Two!
Please join us for some
Sunday, April 16th
2:00 to 6:00 pm

Length: 115 Chrs